Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Those Roaring Twenties ~

When I hear the term 'Roaring Twenties' I start thinking about finger waves, charleston, Jean Harlow, flappers and amazing dresses. But the word 'roaring' makes me always think about the dutch word 'raar' which means 'strange, funny, weird' and that's also kind of 1920's.

At a local antique shop I found some lovely photographs dating from 1910s to 1950s and some of them I just had to share. Some of them are very typical and some other ones are just so funny!

My opinion for getting a good vintage style is using old photographs, they are a proof of how it really was because everything on internet isn't always right. But this might also be an excuse for my collection old photos.. And all the photographs that I keep buying!
That dress!
Sir, which hairspray do you use?
The Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne.
It was inaugurated in 1950 but if you look closely you can see that they are still working
on it when this photograph was taken.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Working WAC ~

In April I bought the blue enlisted WAVES uniform and last week I found the WAC summer trousers. An new item that I can add to the growing collection. These trousers are part of the WAC (Women's Army Corps) summer working uniform. Not only WACs but also Army Nurses wore these trousers in tropical areas. The WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) trainees also wore a pair of khaki trousers. So one pair of trousers for 3 different impressions, sounds pretty good to me!
These trousers can be hard to find and sometimes they are also pretty expensive.
This pair I found accidentally on a Dutch Vintage Webshop Molliette and they weren't so expensive so I just bought them. A dress or skirt is always more classy and elegant but at an event I prefer wearing trousers or coveralls.

These trousers were worn with a khaki shirt and for WACs also the matching garrison cap.
Our Chevrolet is just back home and the weather is so nice lately so we had to go outside to take some photographs. I would love to be more outside, also for studying but hay fever keeps me inside. I'll be so happy when these exams are finished! Can't wait to go to the next event, with these trousers of course!

WASP trainees wore the trousers with a short-sleeved white shirt. Only on their Graduation Day they wore the WASP wings on their shirt. The uniform was finished with a men's khaki garrison cap. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Resume Of Last Month ~

Time flies, I know! It's been so busy and hectic lately, just as usual. I've also been three days in Brussel with school. But that didn't kept me away from the vintage shops and fleamarkets over there. On one of the biggest fleamarkets of Brussels I found a very nice pair of 1940's brown suede shoes. For a very, very good price and they fit me perfectly!
I was still unpacking my bags from those three days in Brussel and I already had to pack my bags for an event! Busy... As usual, isn't it? On Friday we drove with our Chevrolet to Celles, a small town near Dinant in Wallonia, a 200km drive. We can't take any kind of highways so we left early in the morning and by noon we arrived. It wasn't as hot as we hoped it would be and it didn't rained that much so not much to complain about.
The event, organised by the club '100th Airborne, 326th Engineers' has every year a theme and this year's theme was Engineers. A friend of us prepared his GMC Leroi Compressor for this event and he did it! Of course, he wasn't the only one but his one was the only who still worked. We had to test it, so we did it! We used the compressor with one of it's tools to split the wood for our fire.
We made a very nice tour on Saturday, likely there was a fire in the GMC because it's wasn't so warm and at the end it also started raining. But when you're having fun, you don't mind that much. And when it's dark, the real party starts! I put on my saddle shoes those evenings and those shoes have danced like they never did before. Only on Monday I noticed that it's not such a good idea with vintage shoes... But I had a great weekend and a great evening, with a lovely surprise on Friday that made the whole weekend amazing!
Girl Power!
Only one week later, May 22nd and 23th there was again an event, this time from the Patton Drivers! Post about their event last year here. After Celles we drove our vehicles already to Ulbeek otherwise we had to drive again more than 200 km. When school was finished on Friday, I took immediatly the train to the other side of Belgium. Luckily our country isn't so big. That same evening there was still a little tour with the vehicles in the area. Which is really nice in the dark. We only had a few small problems during that tour. And than the party could start again. This time I didn't took my original saddle shoes with me.
The party was very nice, also the camp fire was great so it was already early in the morning when I went back to my tent. Saturday is also a very interesting day so we woke up pretty early. A nice cup of coffee and a good breakfast can help you a lot on times like those. Their food is always delicious! On Saturday their was again a tour with all the vehicles and during the stop it also started raining, just like the other weekend. Not for a very long time and that weekend the weather was also warmer so again not much to complain about. And if you were cold, you could always go dancing in the evening! Or make a small camp fire...
On Sunday it was hard to get up, again it was an amazing night and short night. I promised a friend of my parents he could take some photos of me in my nurse off-duty dress so I had to get up early. Coffee was my best friend and a little bit of mascara and red lipstick can also do a lot. And when you're having fun, time flies! Without realising it was already Sunday evening...
It was a wonderful weekend with all those friends and very kind people. I can't wait to see everyone again but first I have exams... I'll be very happy when is there again!
Little miss Marie is also a real soldier!
On Monday I still had to go to a party. Again was coffee my best friend! I was wearing my red BANNOU dress which also means red lipstick. I can't tell you how much I love this one. It's perfect from color and shade and stays for a very long time. What elso do we, vintage ladies want?
For more photos you can find me on Instagram: emma_lmb. Hope to see you there!