Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Patton Drivers at Ulbeek, 2014 ~

So, no blogpost this weekend but here I am back with a new post that is filled with photos from my amazing weekend that I had at the event of the Patton Drivers in Ulbeek!
All these photos were made with my new camera, a Fujifilm xf1: it's a camera that looks very good and it also works very good! The effects that you make with it are great and it's very easy to work with it {luckily for me because Emma and electronics aren't a good combination}.

For the first time I took 'Rosie the Reporter' with me to an event, now I only needed to translate everything from Dutch to English...

My alarm was set at 7am in the morning so I had time enough to get myself ready for the event of the Patton Drivers at Ulbeek but it was almost 8am when I woke up because my alarm didn't work... What a great start! So I had 20min. left to get ready and that wasn't a lot, but just in time I was ready for an amazing weekend...
We were with our Dodge Ambulance, a Jeep and an other Dodge... There was only once place left in our Dodge so I wore 3 jackets and a scarf and I jumped in that Jeep {Little detail: We putted the window down and the top down and it was cold, very cold}. From were I live to Ulbeek it's a little bit more than 200km and with those vehicles we can't drive on highways because they are to slow so the ride is longer and not that easy... After an hour or a little bit less we had a little problem with that Jeep, something that always can happen with an old vehicle. It wasn't that easy to fix it but after 1h of working to it we were back on the road!
It was probably 3pm when we arrived in Ulbeek and than we still needed to set up our tents and tent fly! When we were ready with all that we didn't do that much that evening and we didn't party that much because there was still a Friday and Saturday evening.

At 6.40 am I heard the song 'Primo Victoria' from Sabaton, that's the ringtone of my dad's phone. I really wonder why somebody would call us that early! And it was just a very simple question and the answer was on internet, so why, why? I couldn't sleep any longer so I put on my clothes and went to the tent fly of the people who were next to us, they had a stove with them and they were also awake and that since 5am... Somebody was really drunk and climbed into their Dodge, he thought that it was his Dodge. So they all woke up and drunk something... A fantastic start for a fantastic weekend!
Friday is actually the day that everyone arrives, so that much didn't happenend... I wore my dungarees from Freddies that day with a red snood, it's comfortable and it was still cold.
We made a little tour with the Dodge because we still needed food, you can't take everything with you from home.
But when it was evening everything could start! First we did a night tour and it was dusty but awesome! And after that tour the real party could start, normally I hate party's but there the music is amazing and the mood is fantastic! There was a girl that sang some Johnny Cash songs all the other music was also great, when I heard the song 'Sing Sing Sing' from Benny Goodman I even started dancing....

I think it was almost 10am when I woke up and I could use some sleep after that night full of dancing and fun! And During the weekend I wore my HBT-coverall with my officers garrison cap, easy to wear and you don't need to worry went it's dirty or dusty {Mine isn't an original one, so I can put it in the washing machine if it's necessary}. In the afternoon there was a beautiful tour through all those fields fulled with blossoms and it was so lovely, those blossoms were so nice!
And like the Thursday and Friday evening there was also a big party! But I met a lot of new people the night before so I stayed with them and had some lovely conversations at the campfire... That's a wonderful way of meeting new people!

And suddently it was sunday, the last day of a wonderful weekend. It was a rough night, somebody came to my tent to wake me, haha! My dad was on the militaria fair that morning, I was so kind to bring him a coffee and help him a little bit. That morning was also a perfect occasion to say hello to everyone and have a little chat.
At noon we had a delicious meal and it was already time to start cleaning up my tent and breaking it down so we could leave between 2pm and 3pm, we still had a long trip to go to finish the weekend. At 2.15pm we were already ready to leave after one last drink we started the engines and left...
When we were finally at home we still needed to empty the Dodge and put everything back to it's place. If you would wonder: even for one weekend you need to take a lot with you! And to finish the day I took a really big bath, there's no bath better than one that you after an event. Than you have a little bit time for yourself and it's a perfect moment to think about everything that happenend while that weekend. And as soon as I could I went to my bed, a real bed with a good mattress.

The beautiful blossoms!

Thank you to Jame Both for the last 2 amazing photographs!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm ready for the first summer event! ~

Finally! I can't wait to set up that tent, making my bed and smelling that horrible scent of that old tent but those little details make those WW2 events perfect. After you made up your bed in that dark tent you can finally go outside and meet all the other that you haven't seen for a while, it's so nice so see everyone again, many of them are almost family because spend a lot of more time with them than with your family. I think that everyone knows that feeling...

I had made some publicity for our event this year!
Last year at the event of the Patton Drivers the weather was really that good, it didn't rained during the weekend but the week before that weekend was horrible, there was mud everywhere! Not really easy if you want to wear your new dress or those new shoes...  But it's also nice to wear your HBT-coverall. That coverall is already packed for this year, you never know!
In 2013 we went with our Chevrolet and that event is +/- 200km and we can't ride on highways so after 5hours of driving we arrived there! But if you really want to do something, you don't care if you need to drive 15 or 150 km...

Some photographs from last year, they were all made by the very kind and sweet Ines Olieslagers...

Wherever I go, my unicycle comes with me.

Ps: No blogpost this weekend, I'm sorry.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Are you ready for Easter? ~

On one Easter Sunday during World War Two, Winifred Leister was singled out as 'The Best Dressed Woman in Uniform' and presented with an orchid while walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J.

What would be a perfect Easter outfit for this year?
Here you have some inspiration from Etsy:
This 1940s summer dress with blue polkadots and flowers.
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The dress could be worn with red 1940s bolero.
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During sprintime it's always nice to wear a hat, what do you think about this 1940s hat with poppies?
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Wouldn't these lovely brown 1940's platform shoes be perfect with the dress.
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As finishing touch you can always add this 1940's patriotic brooch to your outfit.
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And you need always a purse, isn't this white beaded 1940s cute?
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What are your plans for Easter?