Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Join the ATS ~

Since I started my collection a few years ago I've only bought US uniforms and equipment but I have always loved the British uniforms and the stories of British women during WW2. For Christmas I got a pair of original ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) boots from my dad, he had bought these boots a couple of years ago not really knowing what they were but when I saw I immediately thought they were ATS boots and after doing some research I was right. This was one of the best Christmas presents ever!

But just a pair of boots isn't enough, so I started searching a little bit online and one of the first days I found the ATS hat for a fair price. A hat and a pair of boots, it's not a lot but it's the beginning of a new part in my collection. I'm not someone who's all day long searching on the internet for that a new piece or another uniform. I prefer looking on militaria fairs and sometimes a quick look on some websites here in Belgium or Holland. The uniform will be complete one day, but it might take a while. First I'll try to search the Battle Dress and afterwards the Service Uniform. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Khaki Colored Winter ~

We had to wait a long long time for some real winter weather in Belgium but last week winter finally arrived here. In December I was in Bastogne for the commemoration of the Battle of Buldge, unfortunately there was no snow there. On one of the last day of 2015 I joined the historical walk in Dochamps with some friends of mine, and unfortunately there was also no snow there.
The first event of 2016 was also a historical walk in Bihain and also no snow... But no snow doesn't mean the events weren't good. No, they were also really nice!
Last weekend we all went to Stoumont, for the winter event of the club Indian Head. And for once there was snow! I couldn't be happier, it was of course a little bit colder, but nothing is going to stop us. In weather like that I prefer doing the tours with the vehicles in a jeep, it's just great!


Marche Dochamps

Most awesome snowman you'll ever see :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Black Joan Skirt for Christmas ~

Merry Christmas everyone! First I like to say that this blog isn't dead... Past month has been really hard and I also had exams and lots of other things to do. But here I am back with a post.

In September my mom and I spent a weekend in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. When I'm in Amsterdam, the first thing I'll do is visit the I Love Vintage shops (yes shops, now there are 2 shops in Amsterdam from I Love Vintage!) Last year I had bought a red Bannou dress and I was totally in love with it so I really wanted an other Bannou dress or skirt... And I found exactly what is was searching for: the black Joan Skirt.

There's one thing I absolutly love about Bannou: the fabric (it's a mix of cotton and spandex), so confortable to wear! I did bought a modern top with some sparkels on the peter pan collar to wear with the skirt, to make it a little bit more festive for Christmas.