Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Sunny Sunday in February ~

Finally, a week no school and almost nothing to worry about. Time to sleep a lot but also time to do a lot of other things. We started this week in the Ardennes (how could you ever have guessed that?!). My brother and parents had already been there this year but I didn't so this time I had to join them. But that also meant that I would have internet connection.

I took a lot of books and other stuff with me to do during the weekend but I forgot my energy. I was so, so tired and I'm not ill or feeling sick but just so tired. And I still think the best way to get rid of fatigue is sleeping.

Sunday morning my parents went to a fleamarket but I also stayed at home. You see, I just had no energy for it. But my dad did find something interesting and brought it back home for me. It was a booklet with the lyrics from the song 'I'm glad I waited for you' from Jule Styne for the movie 'Tars and Spars' from 1945. I didn't know the movie but I'm sure I'm going to watch it soon.

In the Ardennes there was still some snow. But I think ice would be a better name for the 'snow' that was still there. And February is mostly not so hot or sunny so we were all very happy when we saw a little bit of sunshine in the morning. The best of all was that sun stayed with us all day long!

The dodge was still there and all the salt and mud from the events this winter was also still hanging on the dodge and that's not such a good thing so we decided to clean it. Afterwards it was just like a 'new' one. Most people clean their car and put it back into the garage, well we first made a little tour with it. Who wouldn't do that with such a great weather?!
What a difference

Thursday, February 12, 2015

In Other Words, I Love You ~

The famous words of Bart Howard, Frank Sinatra but also from Julie London. The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it. The simplicity of it makes it so beautiful and full of meaning.

A year ago I wouldn't have thought that I also would fall in love with a person this year but apparently it happened. If I had to describe myself I would never say I'm such a romantic person but I prefer to say that feelings and emotions mean a lot to, not just mine but those from everyone.

We're now 7 months together but between us there's also 200km and two busy schedules which means that seeing each other isn't always that easy and love can be something very complicated and this distance doesn't make it easier. But if you always get it easy in life you will never learn some things. When it's difficult I always think about all those men and women during the war... Between them there was a lot more than 200km and communication was not like it is today. So I don't think we can complain a lot these days (of course all the technology has it's defects)
Normally on a Friday evening I almost never do something, just putting on my pyjamas and sitting in the couch. It's incredible how tiresome school can be. But two weeks ago I had a wonderful idea and I just had to do it. I already said I'm not really a romantic person so Valentine is totally not the most important day of the year (if you really love someone, you love them every day of the year). First I wasn't going to do it but eventually Pinterest has persuaded me to do what I had in my mind.

Drawing is nothing for me and since I left kindergarten my creative skills have changed a lot so Pinterest saved me. Again. There were so many great ideas for 'Long Distance Relationships' so I tried to combine some of them... My drawing skills are horrible so I searched the map of Belgium on internet and I printed out. My orginal idea was cutting it out and use that piece but when I saw the paper with the whole in it I thought it looked way better. So I glued it on a piece of cardboard and out of a little piece red felt I cutted out a little heart. Again I used the heart and the piece of felt with the heart out of it, those pieces I also glued on the cardboard and afterwards I embroidered the distance between us... It 'only' took me 2h but I'm sure that all of you would be able to do it in 30min.
I'm very happy with the result!
The letters and drawings I got last year from Lucas and Lewis are still laying next to my bed. Just looking at those two wonderful drawings makes me smile. I already loved them and but last year they really stole my heart. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Victory Sweater ~

Sewing, knitting or crocheting has never really been something for me, I would love to do it but time is something I just don't have. I can crochet a little bit, also a little bit of knitting and with a sewing machine I can do some small things but the result will never be what it should be. Those three things can give you more 'liberty'? I don't know how to say it but it's so nice if you have an idea in your mind for something and just say: "I'm going to sew this!"

Another reason why it's very helpful is because vintage clothing and good vintage reproduction clothing can be very expensive. Wearing History has so many great patterns that you could use and there are still lots of old patterns for sale on the internet for a good price. Yes, fabrics or wool can still be expensive but when it's finished it's something you can be really proud of.
Adelaide, the project of The Sisterhood of The Travelling Hat introduced me and this little blog to a lot of new people. One of them was Carla from Tiny Angry Crafts. She also has a lovely blog and she can sew and knit! So I started reading a couple of things on her blog and suddenly I was reading her post A Victory Knit. A 'V for Victory' sweater, can you get it more '40s?
Carla mentioned she used the '3hour sweater pattern' so I had to save that pattern on my computer. But luckily I have my mom! My grandmother knits also a lot but the pattern is in English so my mom is going to knit it. Or trying to... Because first I still need to translate it for her (her English is also not so great) But we already bought wool for it (red, white and blue) My technical English isn't so great so we tried to find in some Dutch knitting books a pattern that looks like the 3h-sweater. We've some patterns that we could use and for everything else it will be a little bit of guesswork.
It would be great to finish this sweater with a 'V for Victory' brooch.
Source: Etsy
But you could use any other type of sweetheart jewelry, everything was very patriotic so red, white and blue are the colours that were used most.
Source: Etsy