Saturday, December 20, 2014

Time Flies ~

It's hard to believe that we're almost 2015. This year, 2014 has passed very quickly! If you blinked your eyes an other great moment passed but now you can close your eyes again and relive that great moment. It's important to remember the good things that happened this year but it's also important to learn from your mistakes.
Every year almsot everyone has it's own 'good resolutions' and I think that's this is a great moment to see how I did with mine. The original post you can read here.

1. Posting a little bit more on my blog
2. Posting a little bit more regular
These two I'm taking together and I actually think that I succeeded in doing these! I tried to post every Wednesday and every Saturday or Sunday. Not always very easy as student, especially not when I started this year at school in a whole new grade, there were so many changes and sometimes I really had to search some spare time. But until June the blogging went fine and that gave me a lot of positive energy. During the summer holidays I wasn't that much at home and when I'm not at home it's not really easy to blog but the holidays gave me also a lot of inspiration to blog.

3. Starting my own Victory Garden
Unless weeds are also vegetables, I didn't start my Victory Garden... One day, maybe this year, maybe next year or maybe in 10years I'll start one! Because vegetables that are homegrown are the best, my grand parents always had a little garden with fresh lettuce and peas and a lot more. Now my grandma still has some tomatoes in her greenhouse and those tomatoes are the best!
4. Finding an original WAC handbag
If you're searching something you can always find it but that doesn't guarantee you'll find it for a good price and that's also important. On fair this summer I met someone who has some WAC stuff for sale and also the handbag so hopefully I'll see him again soon so we can talk about the handbag and the other pieces he has for sale.
So Proudly We Hail
5. Finding the matching beige visor hat for my ANC beige off-duty dress
Sometimes Ebay seems heaven if you see all the beautiful pieces for sale but than you see the prices and don't forget the shipping costs because the most sellers are located in the US. So I started looking at fairs and on facebook! One day I was very lucky when I saw one of my friends was selling one for a reasonable price, so I didn't had to think twice about that. With a little bit of luck the visor hat will arrive early January. And you know what also is very nice? The nurse summer uniform! But they are also pretty hard to find for a good price...
Portret of 1st Lt. Anna M. Haggerty, March 1945
6. Finding that perfect 40s 2 piece suit
This year I've mostly bought army related clothing and material and most events are in summertime so dresses are better in hot weather. I did saw a nice 2piece suit last year but they were asking €100 and when I saw the same people again this year they still had it with them and they were still asking that much but for me that's just to much.
7. Doing what I love without being worried about what that everyone else thinks
I have so much luck at school that some people in my class really understand what everything from the past means to me and it's great to see that they support you. Some teachers also noticed this and my school has a small newspaper every trimester and this time they were writing about hobbies and believe it or not but they asked me if I wanted to answer some questions and send them the paper back with a photo.

8. Enjoying that I'm single and buying many vintage presents 'from me - to me'
First of all; the first part of that sentence is no longer correct. It's already 5 months that there's someone here making me very happy, hihi. But that doens't mean that I didn't bought vintage presents for myself! Sweetheart jewelry isn't easy to find here but I had some luck this year and I found some earrings and brooches on fairs. Here you can fnd it on places where you really don't expect them and that's probably because most people don't know what they are and that can cause 2 things: a very good price or a very high price. But the hardest thing is still finding them.
9. Not only dreaming from writing but also start writing
School, yes again school didn't gave me a lot of time and they also let me write a lot of tasks and from every tasks you learn something, that's true but it doesn't mean you'll remember it next time. 

10. Keep up with those good resolutions, I hope I don't stop halfway January...
Well I kept my promise to blog more frequently and to blog a little bit more and I'm very happy that I did kept that promise because that's also the most important promise to my followers. And this resolutions will also be one for next year!

It's been a wonderful year with lots of awesome moments with amazing people so THANK YOU to everyone who made all the great moments possible!

Dear Past,
Thank you for your lessons.

Dear Future,
I'm ready.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Seamstress of Bloomsbury ~

Who doesn't know The Seamstress of Bloomsbury? They have such a magnificent reproductions of vintage dresses, especially 1940s dresses. They aren't cheap but they are worth their money, I'm sure of that. We all prefere original vintage but I know myself very good and I know that I want to be free to do what ever I want but if I wear a vintage dress I'm so afraid that something is going to happen with it. Fabrics aren't that firm anymore after 70 years. This summer I was wearing my nurse seersucker dress and while I was helping my dad with the tent it ripped, that was such a horrible feeling! I hoped that I was the seam that had ripped but no, it was just next to it...
This can happen with every dresse to everyone so that's why I look for reproduction dresses. And when I saw the give-away from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury I had to do something. So I shared their photo and crossed my fingers. I didn't know I was one of the runner up's untill someone was so kind to send me a message on facebook! As quickly as I could I send them my adress and a week later there was a package from the UK in my mailbox.

I have a navy colored headband, I already have a lot of headbands and other scarfs but not a navy one so that's really nice. This week was the first time in a while I wore a headband and now I know what I've missed, there's nothing much easier than a these. And hair that's been a couple of days in a ponytail really doesn't look good.
When I was in my first years of high school I was also at home in the afternoon to study during the exams and I used to spend the whole afternoon in front of the mirror trying vintage hairstyles, Now I'm still at home in the afternoon during the exams but now I don't have that much time left to do things like that. An other reason to love this easy and quick hairstyle!
Again this beautiful lady is my model.
Lately my hair is constanly in a ponytail for studying but this is much more comfortable!
And these headbands are so easy to use, you don't need bobby pins.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

More Vintage Gems ~

It's not easy to get out of your bed if you hear the alarm at 6am on a Saturday morning but sometimes it's worth the effort. Every month there's a militaria fair in Wavre, near Brussels, this was the first I went and I was happy I did get out of my bed and joined my dad and brother to go that fair.
It was pretty cold but I prepared myself a little bit by wearing 2 thick winter jackets and hot chocolat and coffee can do a lot...
The great thing about fairs like this is that sometimes they are selling things you otherwise never see. Here it's so hard to find sweetheart jewelry for a decent price and while I was looking at pins and badges I saw 2brooches and some necklaces, heart-shaped necklaces... I had to take a closer look and yes! On the brooches, one made of bakelite, the other one of mother-of-pearl and both had 'Mother' on it. I wanted to buy a brooche like this for Mother's day last year but I wanted one I had to buy it in the US or Canada and all the shipping charges etc. made it impossible. And than suddenly I see two of them for a really good price!
 It was the same seller who had the necklaces for sale. Only one of them had an army insignia on it so that's the one I took home with me. I had already 2 pair of earrings and an insignia scarf and now I was able to add these 2 brooches and this cute necklace. And the necklace is cute! The shape says everything and the photos in it make it perfect.
Probably the best place for the necklace!
While looking at all the other things on the fair I saw two Victoria insignia scarfs! One from the Air Force and one of the Army, both didn't had their box and they weren't in a perfect condition. One of them was probably used as a rag and they were asking €100. No, I didn't bought it! And the other one was still clean but I thought they still were asking too much for it and sometimes you just got to say 'no'... But they weren't asking that much for this WLA pin and lately I'm singing constatly the song of the Land Girls so they were asking not much so why not? They also had a pin from the CWAC (Canadian Women's Army Corps) but I didn't bring that one home.
I still need to clean the brooches a little bit because at this moment there's so many dust on it. And I promised my mom that she could always use one of the brooches if she wanted, hihi.
While my dad and I were walking a last tour on the fair he saw an overseas cap for a American Red Cross uniform, hmm interesting... And it was also very interesting! It was the matching cap for the ARC Welfare summer uniform, a very rare uniform. The seller wasn't asking so much for it but what did I have to do with it? So that's when I prefere to save my money so I can put it into something else that I can use...