Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembering ~

100 years ago soldiers from everywhere were all fighting along the westernfront in Belgium and France. 96 years ago, on the 11th of November, 4 years after the begin of a horrible war the guns finally remained silent. During those 4 years +/- 20 000 000 people died and that are 20 000 000 we may never forget. We need to remember them every day but especially today. So don't forget to wear your poppy these days...
Yesterday I was wearing my cowgirl dress from I Love Vintage again and I had to wear my poppy with it.

This weekend there was project in Langemarck for students from Wales, Germany and Belgium, it was all about the 'Langemarck Myth'. With 4 other students from my school we were part of a group of more than 100 students.
That weekend started on Friday afternoon and when everybody was there we could start with talking to everyone and making new friends. Something we had to do that weekend was going to the Menin Gate for the Last Post. I'm only living 50km from Ypres and never before I had attended the Last Post so I was really looking forward to it. When we came back they gave us a explanation about the 'Langemarck Myth'. And that wasn't the end of Friday, no. The whole we were able to watch some movies and in all the movies propaganda for war and power was the subject. That night we also had to make 600 little statues for the project Coming World Remember Me. In 2018, 600 000 of those statues need to be ready for a land art installation in Ypres.
It was a really nice night but I havn't slept and we made a walk in the morning, starting at 5am. I never thought a walk could be so exhausting... It was a beautiful walk through the fields in the dark but sometimes I just fell asleep while I was walking, incredible!
On Saterday there were a lot of workshops and I chose for the graffiti at the German cemetery in Langemarck and for a debat about propaganda. I
n the afternoon we visited the In Flanders Fields museum. I had already visited the museum once but some years ago they changed it so it was again something very interesting. We did a lot of other things but I was so happy when I finally saw a bed where I could sleep!
The Welsh people left earlier than we that morning so we couldn't really say goodbye but we still could have a breakfast with the other students. And after a great weekend with some amazing people we had to go back home again...
So thank you for everyone who made this weekend so amazing and wonderful!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Perfect Place for Shopping ~

The militaria fair in Ciney is the biggest fair for militaria stuff in Europe so it's actually the place to be. Even the entrance fee is €15 at the moment and that's quite a lot, there are still so many people and exhibitors, incredible! But all this doesn't mean their prices are always very good... If you want to find something interesting for a good price it's a real quest. At first I didn't found anything interesting but I had to find the M43 trousers for Bastogne but all the ones I saw were so expensive. Luckily Nikita had one which was to small for her and the price was so good! So thank you Kristof and Nikita!
That day I walked a lot of miles and not only to see the fair but also to meet friends. The second main reason to go to Ciney is to see a lot of friends again, that day I spoke Dutch, French and English (no, German is still nothing for me).
Eventually I returned home with a victory insignia scarf, so a addition to my little collection of sweetheart jewelery and also a WAC song book from 1944. It wasn't cheap but I knew I was going to regret it if I didn't bought it, so I had to buy it.
And for all those who think I'm going to start singing now, here's the answer: no!

The scarf was still in the original box.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Last Events Of This Summer ~

Every weekend of September there's so much to do! Nearby or far away but it was impossible to be at home during the weekends in September. After a summer of events you've met a lot of photographers and sometimes they still recognize you so they come to talk a little bit, I can enjoy so much from those little moments. On times like those I'm able to say thank you to all those photographers because they are much more talented than I and it's great to have so photos from a whole different perspective.

These are photos from a weekend at St-Laureins, it was a very, very small event so we were only there on Saturday because it was not so far from home.  And I still had other work to do that weekend but it's always nice to go to an event, even if it's only for 1day.
I think it's very clear that we had a pretty good day if you look at the last photograph that we made in the jeep when we were going home. The first three photos are from the same photographer who also was at Wings and Wheels and I loved his photographs, I couldn't wait to see these on his website! More photos from St-Laureins you can find Here.
Source: Here
The next weekend there was an event in Beek in Holland. There are also a lot of events in Holland but it's just to far for me and the group to go with the vehicles to an event there. In April we drove 6h for 250km for that one time a year it's nice but not for every weekend. So sometimes we need to make choises and sometimes that means that we're just taking the jeep with us on the trailer. But for Beek I took all my suitcases and other material with me to school so I could take the train immediately after school so I could go to my boyfriend because for him Beek isn't that far. We were only going on Saturday but when they wanted to go home the others conviced us to stay so we stayed. We had nothing with us but that wasn't a problem! I had a great evening with some amazing people, so thank you for that weekend!
Source: Here
Soucre: Nikita

And than we're already at the last weekend of Super September! Again 2 events, both from friends so again one on Saturday and one on Sunday. But on Sunday I could only go in the morning because my dad had to go to work etc. Nikita and her husband still asked me if I wanted to stay but I returned home with my dad... You all have to admit that she looks great in her WAC summer uniform!

Now it's already October and I'm already missing all those events and people! But next week it's the militaria fair in Ciney and after that it will be waiting until December for the Nuts-weekend in Bastogne.