Sunday, January 25, 2015

Winter Rally, BMVT 2015

These last 6 weeks, I've been to 4 events and if there was another one this weekend I loved to go but I'm also very happy that for once I could stay in my bed till 10am. because I was really tired. Since school started again I was never able to sleep longer than 7.30am. and after a while this gets really hard. And there's still some work for school I need to do and if I'am every weekend at an event it isn't possible.
The next couple of months there are almost no events, only some walks so I after last weekend I really thought I would need to go to rehab but I still have Facebook, Pinterest, my blog and all the memories of all the events I've done and dreams about all the event's I'm still going to do so I should be able to survive these few months.
And let's start with those memories! For me are photos great memories, a picture can say so much.
"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone"

During the Winter Rally of BMVT last weekend I didn't took that much photos but that doesn't mean I didn't had a lot of fun! It was great to see so many people again and have a little chat with them. Even a smile means a lot. This time there were about 350 participants, I don't know them all (Luckily or that would be a lot of 'hellos' and 'goodbyes') and those 350 people brought +/- 150 vehicls with them which isn't bad at all! For me it was actually the first time I went to the Winter Rally and I'm really happy I could go this year...
Apparently some people had a pretty rough night...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sisterhood of The Travelling Hat ~

I am so happy that I can share this beautiful hat with you all! This hat is the first vintage adventure of this blog this year and it's such a great start. Like I said before: the followers of Tanith Rowan's blog could already know where I was talking about but now to all of you, may I present you this beautiful hat! 
 It was made in Australia, than shipped to the UK to the lovely Jeni Yesterday, go to Tanith's blog to find her photographs of the hat (I wish I could make photos like that!) but I was very happy when I found the package that came from London. I couldn't wait to open to box and I wore the hat the whole evening, yes I was still wearing my clothing from school but I didn't care. The idea of the 'Sisterhood of The Travelling Hat' is sending it after max. 2 weeks to the next person, so I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. That's probably a sign of a Vintage addiction...
When I first saw the post on Tanith's her blog I was very enthousiast about it, it's something like a little adventure and who doesn't love adventures?! The second thing that really attracted me to this project is that vintage not that populair is like in countries like the US or UK. It's more the 60's and 70s that are really reviving here, so it's really an honour to have a hat and a project like this here.
I wish I had to chance to look for a nice place to take some photos but lately the weather is horrible and during the weekends I'm almost not at home and when I come back from the school it's already dark outside, I prefer photographs that are made in daylight so I took these snaps in our living room.
Now the hat will go a little bit more to the south, so hopefully the weather is better there and I truly hope that everyone enjoyes this hat as much as I did. If you are also interested in all the places this hat is still going to see and wonderfull people it's still going to meet: follow this lovely lady her blog!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Operation Ivanhoe, Vielsalm 2015

Only two weeks ago there was the last event of 2014 and this weekend we had the first event of 2015. This year for me it was the third time I went to the winter event of Indian Head and just like every other time we made a wonderful tour with the vehicles and we visited some great museums in the Ardennes. The weather wasn't that good this weekend but the weather is never going to ruin such a nice weekend.
This time we were in Vielsalm and normally see in the winter we mostly take the jeep with us but this time the Dodge was still in the Ardennes so we did the tour with our Dodge.
This weekend there was also a guest with us: the grandson of general G. Patton! Such a kind man, I had such a lovely chat with him.