Thursday, August 7, 2014

Meet Emma! ~

The first weekend of August there were so much events in Belgium! There was the event of BMVT in Lantin near Liège. In Koksijde you could go to Fly-in, there they remembered the Great War by rebuilding a village and there were old planes etc. But the same weekend there was an other event in Wommelgem near Antwerp and that's where you could find me.
The first thing I have to say about this event is that the location is beautiful! During WW1 you had the forts around Liège (and the fort of Lantin was the location of the event of BMVT) and Antwerp, sadly these forts couldn't stop the Germans 100 years ago but that doesn't mean that they have disappeared. Those forts or the ruines of those forts have an amazing and interesting history and yes, they are beautiful to visit.

This weekend I wasn't the only Emma there! The other one is a little bit bigger and heavier but she's a beauty:
The owner of this half-track is a friend of my dad and vehicle isn't his only one... I don't know exact amount of vehicls but I would describe it as 'a lot' and 'a lot' contains also a Sherman tank and that's really nice!
The story about Emma is that when he bought this half-track he wanted to repaint it but before you repaint something, you remove the old paint and while he was doing that he saw a letter and when he was ready he saw that they painted 'Emma' on that half-track and he decided that he had to put that name again on his half-track. And everytime that the owner sees me, he says: "Emma, do you know that I have a half-track named Emma?"
I just had to take some photographs of me and Emma hihi. But the really lucky one that weekend was my dad! He could make a tour with this half-track (and yes, I would also love to do that once).

The lucky one!

And I could make a tour with Guillaume and his Harley!
Of course I also made some tours with our jeep.
I wasn't able to stay there the whole weekend but I did had a lot of fun.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The War and Peace Revival 2014 ~

It has been quiet here for a while, a very long while! And I'm sorry for that but like every other year I went to the War and Peace Revival in England and I returned on Monday and that Wednesday my parents had to great idea to go to our house in the Ardennes so before I could finish unpacking everything from the W&P Revival I had to start packing for going to the Ardennes... And I thought I would have more time for my blog etc during the holidays?!

Last year it was very hot, dry and dusty at the W&P Revival and for 2 days we had also hot weather and the dust was already coming but we've also seen a lot of rain this year. We arrived on Sunday and we were just ready with setting up the tents etc when it started raining and it kept raining the whole evening and there's nothing nicer than discovering that you're bed is soaking wet when you go sleeping. But with a little bit help from friends I could create a new bed in our dodge ambulance.
On Monday friends of mine arrived and that's actually where I spend all my time that whole week but I have no regrets of being there with some amazing people! I did spend less time on the fair than last year but that's doesnt mean that I bought less, Oh no! But I not only bought stuff, I also sold a pair of trousers and I got some gifts from my parents and a friend of my parents.
Before I knew it was already Friday and I was just from a little tour when the wind started becoming very strong and suddenly there was a giant white cloud was coming at us, I've never seen something like that!
When that cloud was above us it was dark and it started raining, thunder and lighting, the wind was crazy. Luckely we had no damage to the vehicles or tents but the terrain had become one big mud bath! I couldn't stay in my tent and I had to make a tour with my bicycle so I wore my HBT coverall the last 2 days. When I returned home I say that there was mud as far as my knees and my shoes we're 2 pieces of mud but even with all that mud I had a great time at the W&P Revival this year!

Photos of everything that I bought will be for next time...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hairdressers ~

WACs at the beauty parlor, July 1943
Last Wednesday I had to go to hairdresser, something I actually don't really like... something that I don't like at all! I have a lot of really thick hair and it is/was perfect to do a lot of things with, only pin curls were a little bit difficult. But I loved my hair that way! If I go to the hairdresser I always say:
"Only a little bit of the ends but nothing more!"
Lately my hair was in a bad condition, I had a lot of split ends and that had to change. So I let the hairdresser do his job but my mom always wants my hair to be thinner, she really doesn't like that big pack of hair but I loved it! So for once she could decide so they thinned my hair a lot... They thinned it too much.
I still need to get used to my 'new' hairstyle and within 2 weeks I'm going to the War&Peace Revival and I hope that I'm still able to do a backroll in my hair.

I've searched a while for a recent photo with my hair that isn't in Victory Rolls or a ponytail etc. and this one is the best I can find...
And you can see that my hair was really long.
And now it's really, really short... Or that's my definition of short and I don't like it.
What do you think of it?