Thursday, August 27, 2015

More WAVES ~

This year the theme was Navy in Lantin and in April I bought my WAVES uniform so I had to get it complete for that weekend. To finish it I needed a pair of black shoes and I had searched a pair of vintage shoes but I didn't found some that I could use for a WAVES impression but I still have an old suitcase with some clothing and shoes of my great grandmother! In the suitcase I found a pair of black shoes that I can wear with my WAVES uniform. It really makes this uniform a little bit more special.
I already shared some photos of the event with you but since last week the photographs that Fabrice, the very talented photographer in Lantin who organises photoshoots at the event. It's great to have some like him because not everyone has a good camera or knows people that are interested in making some photos.
The WAVES photoshoot I did with a friend, who also bought a WAVES uniform recently. It's more fun when you're with two during a photoshoot, more laughing and more inspiration!
For lots of more of great photos from the event: His Facebookpage!
An original photos of 4 WAVES
Now I just have to find the purse for this uniform.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wings & Wheels 2015

An other weekend, an other event. This time we were at Wings and Wheels at the airfield in Ursel. One of the nearest events for us, not the most original one if you're mostly interested in WW2 but why not going? It wasn't with the friends from last week but it was also a lot of fun.
I didn't took as much clothing and uniforms with me as last week, I had to promise that to my mom haha... But on the website of the event I saw there would be a B-25 flying over on Sunday so I wanted to wear my WASP outfit, but alos a dress for a little bit of elegance during the weekend and my dungarees from Freddies for dancing.
There was only one small problem before I left on Friday, I was a little bit hungry and decided to eat some strawberries but because I'm allergic to fruit I had an allergic reaction. My lips were really swollen etc... Luckily the medication worked very quick and was everything back to normal.
How to make me happy? Just let me drive this!
The first photos are from a friend who was also at the event but these photos are made by my dad when we were having a barbecue on Saturday...
Some are really good! 
Not much elegance, not even with that dress

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fort de Lantin 2015

I had to miss the event in Lantin last year because I was at an other one so I was really glad to be there this year. A great event with lot's of friends, vehicles and fun! Also lot's of photoshoots, so I did had a reason to take 5 pairs of shoes with me and lot's of dresses, uniforms and other outfits (all that for only 2 days there, I don't see a problem haha).
Especially the evenings and nights next to the campfire were great but those also made the next mornings really hard. And on Monday I had to go to work. I still don't know how I survived that.

These are some of the photos that I found on facebook and flickr so thank you to all the great photographers for sharing these.