Friday, September 26, 2014

Where's My Camera? ~

Again it's already a long time ago but I don't have a camera at the moment, which I really don't like! There are still so much things that are waiting for photos so I can show them to you because I'm also very proud of them and I need to say 'Thank you' to so many people for all their being so nice and kind to give me some little things Vintage or things that are personal.

But what happened with my camera? I was very happy when I finally bought a new one in April this year and I could take it with me to all the events this summer but during the event of Indian Head in August the screen started shaking and all the photos where overexposed when I used the zoom of the camera. At first I thought it was just a little technical problem that will solve itself but that didn't happened, the next day I could read this on the screen 'Lens Connector Defect', that doens't sound great, don't you think? Luckily I was still able to use my camera if I didn't used the zoom but I paid a lot for that camera and it's only 6 months old! Things like that don't make me happy, contrary... It just proved that all this modern equipment is not that great or super like they always say (that's the reason I'm still using my old, very old mobile phone but it works already 5 years like it's a new one so why would I buy a new one?)
I'm sure there was a moment that my parents started hating me because I was complaining all the time about the fact that my camera didn't work normally and I do understand my parents because once I start complaining about it, it irritates me more and I just complain more about it so we went to the store where I bought it. There I tried to be as calm as possible so they still would want to solve the problem but they couldn't do anything about it so they had to send it back to the factory. That's fine for me but now it's already 3 weeks there and I think that's taking way to long. I bought a good camera because I used a lot for this blog but I also need it for my work for school, this blog doesn't really has a deadline but all those tasks do have a deadline and I don't want to miss it. But the only things I can do is wait and tried to remain calm (which is not always easy).
But for being a modern camera, this one looks very nice and that's why I fell in love with it!
So I'm very sorry for all the delays here but I hope you all understand this problem...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Short Summary Of This Summer ~

My last post on this blog is already a while ago but I had no idea that I would already that much to do for school. I have a lot of tasks for next month but next month I don't have time for all those tasks so I wanted to do them now but that means I had to stay at home last weekend so I didn't go to Tanks in Town in Mons or Souchez or one of the many other events. Fortunately there was a local event about the past and that was an opportunity to wear one of my favorite dresses and a hat that I found a couple of months ago on a fleamarket. And I have seen some really beautiful dresses and hats but I'm already happy with my black 30s dress from Wini Vintage.

The last event that I talked about here was Wommelgem during the first weekend of August but that wasn't my last event this summer! After Wommelgem we went to Wings and Wheels in Ursel, it's a pretty big event with a big militaria fair but there are not only WW2 vehicles there, that doesn't ruins the event not but everything is accepted I think there's should be a limit because it's not only the vehicls but also the tents etc. But I had a great time there! They let me drive with a jeep, a Chevrolet, a GM and even an International and that last thing is just one big toy, hihi. But just like every other year I had to rain when we wanted to pack everything to go home so that means that everything was wet which is not that funny, even worse was that we left the next day to the Ardennes but when we came home the sun was shinning so we were able to let the tent dry so we didn't had to take it with us.
Only the first 3 photos are mine so thank you to Sebastien, Eddy De Smet and this photographer! The last two I saw yesterday at an event and I'm expecting to see again a lot of beautiful photos.

We were in the Ardennes but that doesn't mean that we stay at home, oh no! Just like last year and all the years before that we went to Top Hat, the summer event of Indian Head, we didn't stay there with our tents because it's only a 5minute drive from our house there to the event and for once I was really happy that I could go to a nice warm house instead of a tent because it was really cold that weekend. On Saterday we made a lovely tour in the Ardennes and on the place where we stopped we got such a delicious fruit brochettes with chocolat and a lot more. I really wanted to wear a dress that evening but I went home after the barbecue to take a hot shower and to sit in front of the fireplace...
My dad found a new friend.
I wish I was able to take some photos yesterday but I have a problem with my camera and I had to bring it back to the shop etc. So I don't have a camera at the moment! I really hope that it's not such a big problem and that I going to have it back this week...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A new member in my family of suitcases ~

Some time ago my dad bought some military equipment and the seller gave him an old suitcase, we also got all the dust for free. But I don't mind some dust or that typical smell from military equipment because some products like air fresheners can make a huge different! But always be carefull because some of them would make stains on clothing etc.

A new year at school has started last Monday so I hope to get the routine in my blogging back because it's been hectic during my vacation, I've not that much days at home and when I was home I was unpacking everything from the previous event and already packing for the next event and between all those events I also spend a lot of time in the Ardennes. But it's a new year and this means it won't be easier than last year so it will take a little bit more time compared to last year but I'll keep blogging and collecting everything Vintage! So I'll try to go to as much as possible events but this weekend I'm already skipping Tanks in Town in Mons and I know that there are a lot of really nice vehicles and a lot of people that I know but there are also other events this month where I also want to go so I need to choose and divide my work for school.

 The lock is a little bit rusty but it still works!
 And this is something that can happen with old suitcases but it's Vintage 
and that means that it's not new.
 But the inside still looks very good, some of my other suitcases are not that good...

 Now I hope that this family will continue to grow.