Thursday, July 23, 2015

War & Peace Revival 2015 ~

Last post I was saying 'I can't go this year' and well, now I can say 'I was there in 2015!' Tuesday was the only day this week I didn't had to work so Monday evening we booked our tickets for the Eurotunnel and Tuesday morning we were already in Calais, ready to board the train. Crazy but so amazing! Really, I can't say how happy I was, I smiled all day.
And nobody knew, so for them it was also a surprise. And yes, I did had a great time! Lot's of laughing with friends, checking the fair and enjoying the nice weather. In the evening it did hurt when I had to go back home but now I can say I was at the War & Peace this year.
And my golden rule: never return empty-handed! Every buy is a memory haha. Not all the stalls on the fair where already open (and some prices were great in pound but crazy in euros) but I did find a great 1940s navy dress. It does need some repairs but it has a lovely design. I did needed some buttoms to complete my summer WAC uniform and together with those buttoms I bought a sweetheart brooche. Also a cute black purse with some cross stitching and a french book about 1940s fashion. It would have been great if I could have stayed there to see all the other stalls and take a good look at everything else but that's life, right?
I just started restoring the dress a little bit. Soon it will have it's perfect 1940s look back!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Liberation of Hasselt ~

The War&Peace Revival, it's that time of the year again and I'm here writing on my blog which means I'm not there. Indeed, I won't be there this year, I have to work. But while I'm here I wanted to share some great photos of an amazing day! From the liberation of Hasselt last Friday. All the ladies were wearing civilian clothing. And those soldiers, well their uniform, what else haha. With so many people and vehicles it was the perfect place to take some photographs (only the background wasn't so 1940's).
All those photographers over there took some magnificent photos and I had a little bit to much fun to spend my taking photographs, you probably know that feeling. So I selected a mix of my own photos and those I found online.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Army Nurse in Summer Time ~

I think it must be 2 years now since I bought this dress. And I think I can say that it's the best piece of my small collection. It's the summer version of the off-duty dress that Army Nurses wore during WW2. These off-duty are pretty hard to find (and sometimes the prices are crazy!) so I was very lucky to find this great dress. It's not in the best condition, it has some discolouration and some small holes but after 70 years that normal, I guess.
I did find the dress easily (I wasn't really searching one but if you see a great deal you just have to take it with you) but than I still had to search the hat and those are sometimes very hard to find (and also very expensive). After one and a half year of searching I did found it.

In April I wore the complete uniforme for the first time (it was kind of a photoshoot but the photos aren't published yet so I can't share them at the moment).
Last Saturday we were invited to a wedding in WW2-style. A magnificent day! So beautiful to see everyone in their uniform or vintage dresses and with the vehicles. It was very hot that day, 37 degrees Celsius, which is very hot here in Belgium. But hot weather or not, I just had to wear a uniform for that special occasion. Summer time and a wedding so that off-duty dress was the perfect dress to wear that day.

And some photos of the wedding...
And an other dress for the evening...