Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm ready for the first summer event! ~

Finally! I can't wait to set up that tent, making my bed and smelling that horrible scent of that old tent but those little details make those WW2 events perfect. After you made up your bed in that dark tent you can finally go outside and meet all the other that you haven't seen for a while, it's so nice so see everyone again, many of them are almost family because spend a lot of more time with them than with your family. I think that everyone knows that feeling...

I had made some publicity for our event this year!
Last year at the event of the Patton Drivers the weather was really that good, it didn't rained during the weekend but the week before that weekend was horrible, there was mud everywhere! Not really easy if you want to wear your new dress or those new shoes...  But it's also nice to wear your HBT-coverall. That coverall is already packed for this year, you never know!
In 2013 we went with our Chevrolet and that event is +/- 200km and we can't ride on highways so after 5hours of driving we arrived there! But if you really want to do something, you don't care if you need to drive 15 or 150 km...

Some photographs from last year, they were all made by the very kind and sweet Ines Olieslagers...

Wherever I go, my unicycle comes with me.

Ps: No blogpost this weekend, I'm sorry.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Are you ready for Easter? ~

On one Easter Sunday during World War Two, Winifred Leister was singled out as 'The Best Dressed Woman in Uniform' and presented with an orchid while walking on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J.

What would be a perfect Easter outfit for this year?
Here you have some inspiration from Etsy:
This 1940s summer dress with blue polkadots and flowers.
More about this dress
The dress could be worn with red 1940s bolero.
More about this bolero
During sprintime it's always nice to wear a hat, what do you think about this 1940s hat with poppies?
More about this hat
Wouldn't these lovely brown 1940's platform shoes be perfect with the dress.
More about these shoes
As finishing touch you can always add this 1940's patriotic brooch to your outfit.
More about this brooch
And you need always a purse, isn't this white beaded 1940s cute?
More about this purse
What are your plans for Easter?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hat inspiration: a new black hat ~

Max Fluegelman with world’s largest top hat. New York World's Fair, 1939-1940.
I already have some hats but still not enough, I have a brown hat, a pink one... But still not a black one and I think that black is a very important color because you can wear it with almost every other color.
Luckely I could borrow a black hat from Nikita from the 'In Vlaamse Velden day' and I really loved that dress with the jacket and the hat, it was classy and Vintage but still very easy and comfortable to wear. I'm definitly taking this dress with me to the next event when it's not warm enough to wear my other black dress with the short sleeves. Packing my bags to go to a WW2 events is always so difficult! I'm never want that I'm going to wear, I just wake up, open my suitcase and take what I like that most on that moment...
For the hat I started searching photos on Pinterest so I could give myself a little bit inspiration.

Hat inspiration:
A customer tries on a new hat in the millinery department of Bourne and Hollingsworth on Oxford Street in 1942.
Miss Iris Abel print dress, polka dot clutch and hat. | LIFE, 1944 by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
Fantastic 1940s skirt suits and elegant hats.
Smartly tailored 1940s suit style and matching hat.
Eleanor Parker wearing a tall crowned chapeau made of felt with velvet bows, 1943.
Which hat do you need?

 Now the search for the black hat can start!